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Not only the "whispering stones" of churches, town houses and feudal palaces, life as well is interesting in Krakow. Krakow is said to be the hidden capital of Poland - which it truely was until 1611 In that year, the Polish kings made Warsaw their new home. Anyway, with all its theaters, cinemas, concert and exhibition hall Krakow - which hosts one of the oldest universities in Europe and boasts more than 50 000 students among its inhabitants - is the cultural center of Poland. In almost any cellar in the city center you will find a club, a cabaret or a jazz pub. >>> orientation


Krakow is one of the last undiscovered travel destinations in Europe. More than 40 years the city lay hidden behind the Iron Curtain. Even after socialism ended Krakow remained rather unknown - which comes to a surprise because Krakow is among the most beautiful towns in the world. The medieval city center was declard World Heritage by the Unesco in 1978. According to Unesco, the city belongs to the twelve most important historical towns worldwide.



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